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Advance Your Expertise with Our Chocolate Sommelier Course II

Course Overview:

Building on the foundations of our introductory course, the Chocolate Sommelier Course II is designed for individuals who have completed the initial certification or have equivalent experience. This advanced program delves deeper into the art and science of cacao bean analysis and sourcing to a professional level.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Training: Learn from certified chocolate sommeliers and master chocolatiers.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Explore advanced topics such as rare cocoa bean varieties, intricate cacao flavor profiles, and innovative cacao fermentation and/or drying techniques.
  • Extensive Hands-On Experience: Engage in sophisticated workshops and tastings to perfect your cacao bean evaluation skills. Always unroasted and peeled.
  • Career Enhancement: Elevate your credentials and open new doors in cacao bean sourcing, including high-level consulting and brokering positions.
  • Professional Networking: Expand your connections with MASTER and certified chocolate cacao and chocolate sommeliers, who have taken both course 1 and 2.

What You Will Learn:

  • In-depth analysis of rare,"off", and fine cocoa bean varieties
  • Advanced techniques for professional chocolate tasting and sensory analysis
  • Innovative chocolate pairing strategies with exotic foods and beverages
  • Detailed understanding of chocolate production and quality control
  • Strategies for chocolate menu development and event planning

Benefits of Certification:

  • Prestigious Credential: Earn an advanced certification that is highly respected in the chocolate industry.
  • Professional Development: Significantly boost your resume and career opportunities.
  • Exclusive Access: Join an elite network of certified chocolate sommeliers and industry experts.

Enroll Today:

Take your chocolate expertise to the next level with our Chocolate Sommelier Course II. This advanced certification equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel at the highest levels of sourcing for the chocolate industry.

Chocolate Sommelier Course 2 Certification

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